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I had the pleasure of recently attending a ceramics workshop by Sunshine Cobb. Love her work and her happy ways. I love to watch different potters and seeing the way they do things, taking small bits here and there and tweaking it, making it fit into my work. That really is what my work is, it is everything I see and do and learn. I then interpret it in my own twisted way and turn it into your dishes.

One thing Sunshine had said during this workshop was that she doesn't read directions. Oh this is so me... I usually just jump in head first and figure it out. I usually have a "game plan" in the beginning but my life typically does not go as I plan. I always have to change, I always have to leave the plan behind and wing it. This is probably why I love clay so much, it is so versatile, flexible, it gives you results after different paths have been taken to get there.

So much can be learned by not following directions, by figuring things out for yourself. Maybe this gets us to our destination a little slower, maybe with a messier road behind us. But I believe by learning and figuring things out on your own gains you knowledge and experience that cannot be learned by simply following directions. It gives you not just knowledge but understanding and that is what can take you to the next level.

Another comment Sunshine had made was that so many people give up to quickly. They are told no and think that is the end, dream over. I guess I am a different breed, I am told no and I immediately interpret it to mean not yet. Not this time... how about next time? Again, again, again, change one thing and try again!

Let's throw away those directions, take our knowledge we learn from others and make it our own. Turn knowledge into understanding, the path maybe messier but often the most fun is the messiest. That is how I go about making my pottery, I think it has done me well so far. What do you think?

Lindsay Klix
Off Your Rocker Pottery

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