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 What is important to you in life? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to get it? Immediate gratification is great but sometimes its better to hold out, wait, put in more work in order to achieve something better, something amazing. If we all took the easy road, the first reward, what ever came our way, where would we be, where would our society be?

 There is a cost to achieve something better and it is up to each one of us, in each separate situation to decide if the cost is worth the end result. In many instances it is not even the end result but the possible result. No guarantees, you could put in the work and still not achieve your goal.

 I sacrifice a lot for my work. I sacrifice time I could be relaxing or spending with friends and family. I also sacrifice sleep as I do most of my work at night after I put my kids to bed. I run on an average of 5 hours of sleep a day, sometimes less. Which is probably why I am a little wacky I'm sure, but for me it's worth it. I make pottery because I feel as if I have to. Once I start working at night I find a new energy to keep going that follows me throughout the day.

I also sacrifice some of my work it's self. Trying out new designs and testing how they function. I may like the look but if it isn't functional I either have to find a way to make it functional or change it. I sacrifice some pots trying out new glaze colors. Sometimes it works out great but most of the time it can be a visual disaster and / or a mess with glaze running all over my kiln shelves. The pots I have to sacrifice is worth it to me to achieve the pots I wish to make.

Sacrifice is a part of life, try to embrace the struggles as it makes the victories so much sweeter.

Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • JO on

    I really like your weekly blogs, but I love your pottery!

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