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Fluted Bowl

Fluted Bowl

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Approximate Dimensions:

6"W  x  3 1/2"H

I’m Not Broken Series

Life gives us scars, scratches, and cracks from our heartbreaks, trauma, and losses. It is through repairing and healing these cracks that our true beauty and strength are revealed. We are not broken, we are all beautiful and prefect the exact way we are.

The Japanese have a phrase called wabi-sabi. It means that we are made more beautiful through our imperfections. It is these slight differences that make us who we are - that make us beautiful. 

I am no longer going to see my own cracks as something to be shameful about; something that needs to be hidden and neither will my pots. We are not broken we are simply humans who have been living life and life creates cracks. It is when we repair ourselves that our strength and beauty come out. 

To watch the process on making this piece and more, check out our YouTube channel.

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