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Button Tray - Fill Your Mind

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Approximate Dimensions:

16 1/4"L  x  7 1/2"W  x  2 1/4"H

This piece is glazed in a soft and claiming ice grey with hints of blue. This unique and eye catching piece was created using clay slabs. It is completely handmade, hand cut, and one of a kind. The artist creates a flowing fabric type look combined with crisp clean cut edges. It is then given a buttoned together look. 

Each button is hand colored to give it a playful and fun appeal. The bottom of the dish has a special message that has been hand scribed by the artist, Lindsay Klix.

One additional step is added at the end of making this piece, and that is a three step hand polishing process to the bottom to ensure it is soft and smooth as to not mar up furniture.

Care and detail are put into each step of making this unique and functional work of art.

This tray is food safe and can be used in both the microwave and dishwasher. It is intended to be enjoyed and used often. Some suggestions on uses are, but certainly not limited to, a serving dish for dips, breads, vegetables and more, a perfume tray, a place to keep keys and change corralled, and many more possibilities. Let us know what you use your button tray for!