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An Artist Journey - The ups and downs of creation, and how to keep moving forward.

Shopping Tips for the 2020 Holiday Season

I think we can all agree that this year has been... a little different.  So I wanted to share with you a few tips while navigating the shopping season. Ready.... Shop early, shop early, shop early! Yes, I know for some people, like my boyfriend Joe, this will be a difficult one, but one I highly recommend. With the whole pandemic people have been buying more and more online, which has made shipping times a bit slower. It is typical to have shipping delays during busy times, it happens every Christmas. But this year we already have those delays going...

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Don’t we really all want the same things????

What if we could all come together and pray/ hope/ wish for the truth to come out. What if we all prayed for good to win, and evil to be defeated. Removing any political opponents from it, but just pray for what is best for our country, together as a whole. I do believe that deep down at the root, we all want the same thing, the difference only lies in which path we believe will take us there. We all want what’s best for our family. We all want a clean and beautiful planet. We all want to put...

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I can do hard things, and so can you!

Recently my boyfriend, Joe, and I took a road trip to Colorado.  It was a wonderful time hiking in the mountains and certainly a getaway that I desperately needed. While planning the trip Joe said he wanted to do a 14ker. I said OK!!!! What’s a 14ker??? I’m sure many of you know, but for those who don’t, a 14ker is hiking up a mountain where the summit is 14,000 feet elevation or higher. I consider myself to be in decent shape, and I have a decent amount of strength. What I don’t have is speed. Like for real, when...

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What is in a smile, and what's behind your fear?

Before, before all of this started, I loved smiling at strangers. I loved to see how people’s mood would change from receiving a smile. I would love the smile in return. I would also love having small conversations with strangers. It is amazing some of the things I’ve learned from a 5 min conversation with a stranger. Anything from how to pick out better tasting mangos to resources or tips that have helped my small business. Every person you come into contact with has something to teach you, you just have to be open to learning it.  But now, these...

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Celebrating During A Pandemic 

It feels like there is a lot going on in the world right now, but really there is just one thing- a pandemic. It has consumed us and trickled down into every part of our lives. From effecting our jobs, to how we shop, to our social life, home schooling our kids, having us live in economic fear. It has stopped us from seeing loved ones and has us going stir crazy in our homes. It is all consuming.  But many of us still have “celebrations” during this time. We have birthdays, and anniversaries, babies are being born and so...

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