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An Artist Journey - The ups and downs of creation, and how to keep moving forward.

Tips for grocery shopping like a sane person, not a hoarder.  / Shelter-In-Place Tips

Many people are faced with eating in and staying home these days who are simply not use to this lifestyle. The people who are constantly at the stores looking for supplies and buying up everything under the sun- you are the problem. Please, take a deep breath, everything will be ok. You will have food and toilet paper. Please stop going out every day- that is not social distancing.  I run a small pottery business out of my home. I have two small children, I’m busy! And my work is all at my home, so I typically don’t go out...

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We are still open, and here’s why

  Off Your Rocker Pottery is probably different from any other place you shop, and here’s how. We are small, and I mean very small, every single piece is handmade by me, Lindsay Klix. After having my two daughters I moved my studio into my home in order to follow my dream. See, my dream was not just to make pottery, but also be able to raise my kids, having my studio in my home was the only way I could accomplish both. I also personally box up your orders and ship them out. So working from home and social...

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Are you a snackaholic?

I’ve put on some extra weight over this past year and it’s time to take it off. My suggestion to anyone trying to lose weight is instead of trying what your friend did, sit down and take a good look on how you operate, what are your trouble areas? We all operate a little differently and recognizing this is the first step in taking action that’s actually going to help you.  For me, one of my issues is snacking. Who’s with me on this one? Not only am I hungry all the time, but let’s be honest, I also snack...

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The truth is, no one is really looking. 

In this day and age, our society has the attention span of a goldfish. Yet, so often we hold ourselves back from what we really want out of fear of what others will “think of us.” But in reality, no one is as concerned about us as we are about ourselves.  I don’t say this to depress you, that no one cares. Quite the opposite, I say this to liberate you! Those who love you, will love you regardless if you make a mistake or not, and the “others” are too busy taking selfies to notice. So why not go...

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The Red Dress- A 2 min read about self-bullying 

  I had my boyfriend’s company holiday party to go to, and I am someone who loves to get dressed up. It might be because most days I don’t leave my house and I’m in grubby pottery making clothes, or maybe it’s just who I am.  So, a head of time I pulled out a few dresses that I might wear. The one I really wanted to wear was the red one, but I had a green one that would be nice too. See, I’ve put in a few pounds this year. I’ve been skipping some of my workouts, probably...

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