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An Artist Journey - The ups and downs of creation, and how to keep moving forward. — Store News

Stop Fighting So Hard

Lately I have been dragging ass on everything. I want things done, and want to accomplish my goals, but my energy levels are depleted. So here I go trudging along, I keep pushing forward…at a snails pace. So I decided to stop! Not stop pressuring my goals, but to stop fighting with myself. My body and my subconscious are screaming at me, and I kept acting as if I could not hear them. So I stopped and listened for once. It’s time to go about things differently. This doesn’t mean I was doing things wrong, not at all. Life is...

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Your phone pings, your email chirps, and your social media buzzes all day long. How many times have we stopped in the middle of a task to check it? How many times are we doing one thing when we get an idea or a thought pops into our mind? Off to Google we must go to find an answer, to search and to find on the amazing World Wide Web. Some people think all of our instant technology is making us smarter, providing us with so much information. Others believe it is making us dumber, as it allows us to...

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Remove the Word Failed Please

So I have very recently gone through a divorce, very recent. The term failed marriage has been hitting a nerve with me. Yes my marriage is over, but it was in no means a failure. Because of my marriage I have two amazing little girls. I have learned so much, and grown so much, during and because of my marriage- that it certainly was a success. I would not be who I am today, or be where I am at, if it wasn’t for my marriage. Every day we have small decisions to make, small turns to take, and it’s...

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The other week my daughter brought home a project from preschool about kindness. They have a bucket in class that they are trying to fill up with kind deeds. Every time they do a kind deed they put a slip of paper in the bucket. Such a wonderful exercise, but I noticed all of these deeds were kindness for others, what about self kindness? We are taught from childhood on to be kind to others, be kind to animals, and be kind to everyone but ourselves. Most of the time when we are judgmental and cruel it is a self...

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Why Are We So Hard On Ourselves!?!

I can be pretty brutal to myself sometimes, ok a lot of times. It's funny how we can hold so much compassion for others, but not for ourselves. I am very self motivated and driven, maybe to much at times. I am working on slowly down and enjoying what I have accomplished already, instead of focusing on all the things I have fallen short on so far. Ok, I am going to get pretty vulnerable here, I set business goals for myself and this past year I fell quite a bit short. Looking back I was not realistic in my...

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