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Stop Fighting So Hard

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Lately I have been dragging ass on everything. I want things done, and want to accomplish my goals, but my energy levels are depleted. So here I go trudging along, I keep pushing forward…at a snails pace. So I decided to stop! Not stop pressuring my goals, but to stop fighting with myself. My body and my subconscious are screaming at me, and I kept acting as if I could not hear them. So I stopped and listened for once. It’s time to go about things differently. This doesn’t mean I was doing things wrong, not at all. Life is always changing, our goals change, are circumstances change, the seasons change, and we must adapt and change with it. If we do not, we will be fighting a battle with no end.

So I am changing my schedule, I know not everyone has the same flexibility to do this, but YOU DO! Even if you have a 9 to 5 job, you can still change your schedule to a degree. If you have been dragging ass to get to the gym after work, than maybe you should try to workout in the morning. If those TPS reports are killing you at work (love the movie Office Space) find out when you are the most energized in your day. Is it first thing when you get in, or after lunch, or right before you head out? Figure out when that time is for YOU, and tackle your hardest tasks at that time. When it is time to put the pedal to the metal and crack out work, FOCUS. Do not look at your phone, or email just get your task done.

 For me, before I use to be the most energetic in the evening. At night after my kids went to bed I would get a surge of energy, and go to work on making pots. But lately, I am exhausted, I still go to work after they go to bed, but I am getting far less done in the same amount of time. My solution was to wake up super early and get clay work done right after my workout. This is when I have my most energy. Guess what? I am getting the same amount of work done in far less time. This means I can have more time for things like SLEEP - which in turn, gives me more energy. OK, I know this isn’t rocket science, but for me I was to close to my own life to see the changes I had to make. In taking a step back and taking the time to really listening to myself I was able find the answer. And for right now, this works for me, maybe come winter it won’t and I will have to switch things again. At least now I know to stop the fight, and start to listen.

A while back I wrote a blog I called push through the burn out, you can read it here. At that particular time, that is what I needed, and what we all need to do at times in order to reach our goals. But that cannot be our constant state, it works for short bursts, but sooner or later you will run out of fuel to burn if you don’t replenish. So take a step back, listen and look at where you are at in this particular moment in life. Are you in a good flow, are you pushing to hard at the wrong times, or are you burring at both ends without replenishing? It might be time to readjust your schedule.

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Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • Jo on

    I love your blogs. They are always interesting and thought provoking.

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