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Don’t we really all want the same things????

What if we could all come together and pray/ hope/ wish for the truth to come out. What if we all prayed for good to win, and evil to be defeated. Removing any political opponents from it, but just pray for what is best for our country, together as a whole. I do believe that deep down at the root, we all want the same thing, the difference only lies in which path we believe will take us there.

We all want what’s best for our family. We all want a clean and beautiful planet. We all want to put an end to poverty; we all want health and wellness. We all want the people of our country to have good quality health care be available to them. But we simply disagree on how to achieve it. 

But what if we could at least agree on these basics and come together on this, we want the truth, we want good, not evil, and we want what is best for the United States of America. 

If you watch “left winged” news, I invite you to sometimes turn on the right, listen to their point of view and where they come from. If you watch “right wing” news, turn on the left sometimes and see where they are coming from. Then pray/ hope/ wish for the best to prevail, even if that means you were wrong. Because in the end that is all that should matter. 

Sending every great American lots of love, we can get through this, but only if we stick together. 



Lindsay Klix

Ceramic Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • Judy Hutton on

    Your post was great and thank you for posting it.


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