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At What Age Are We Suppose To Have Our Shit Together?

I was sitting with and old friend one night talking a bit about our age. We are about to have our 20th high school reunion. There we were feeling 40 breathing down our backs, and she looked at me and said, “I just really thought I would have more answers at this age, I really thought I would have my shit to together by now.”

My response was “No one ever really gets their shit together; you just start to handle it better.” We of course had a wonderful laugh over the truth of this.

I have a wonderful step-mother, and first and foremost, she is my friend. She is the one I call when ever my heart really wants something, but I think maybe I shouldn’t. She always roots for me and tells me to go for it. I have never once regretted taking her advice! But about a year ago she calls me up needing my advice, and someone to talk to. She spent the summer in her motorhome and was having problems with some mean girls at the camp ground. Ok, we are talking about women in their 70’s and you still have to deal with mean girls!!! I really thought that part of life would be past us at some point.

So I came to the conclusion we never fully get our shit together, we just start to handle it better. We typically have an unrealistic reality of the generation ahead of us. It is probably why we always feel younger than our years. May we all have a great laugh over the irony of it all.

Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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