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The other week my daughter brought home a project from preschool about kindness. They have a bucket in class that they are trying to fill up with kind deeds. Every time they do a kind deed they put a slip of paper in the bucket. Such a wonderful exercise, but I noticed all of these deeds were kindness for others, what about self kindness?

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We are taught from childhood on to be kind to others, be kind to animals, and be kind to everyone but ourselves. Most of the time when we are judgmental and cruel it is a self reflection and areas where we feel inadequate ourselves.  Maybe we have it all backwards, maybe we need to teach self kindness first and then kindness to others.

This is something I have been personally working on. I am trying not to be so hard on myself, trying to look at everything I have accomplished instead of everything I still need to do. This is certainly not a hall pass to slack off but permission to enjoy the ride and take it a bit slower when need be. So whether it is physical, professional, or relationship goals where could you be a little kinder to yourself, less harsh, and less judgmental? Try it for one week, being kinder to yourself, and see how that kindness than spreads to others.

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  • Jo on

    Great message. It is true that we aren’t very kind to ourselves. I’ll have to work on this.

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