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An Artist Journey - The ups and downs of creation, and how to keep moving forward.

The Golden Rule

I’m sure we have all heard it in various forms, “Treat others as you would like others to treat you.” It’s called the golden rule for a reason, there is so much value in it. But how many of us actually live by it? Better yet, how many companies actually conduct business by it? Well, I certainly try to, both in my life and in my business, Off Your Rocker Pottery, where I make and sell handmade dinnerware. I remember a situation a few years back, and I was recently retelling this story when I was told that now that...

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It’s been 4 years, let’s celebrate!!!

Can you believe it?!?!? Hey guys! Four years ago, I opened up and launch this website and business. Looking back, I can’t believe it’s only been 4 years as so much has happened, so much has changed, and it’s hard to even remember my life before I had Off Your Rocker Pottery.  Some of you have been on this journey with me since the beginning, some of you are just joining, but I am grateful for you all. Thank you for your support, I couldn’t do this without you.  Going from many years of making pottery as a love and...

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Have you ever noticed the lines?

What are those lines in handmade pottery? They are called throwing rings.    Hey guys! If you have ever looked closely at a hand thrown piece of pottery (did you read the email or post about what thrown pottery is? You can read it here)? You might have noticed little rings around the pot.    Think of them like the growth rings in a tree. Each “ring” represents the potter pulling up the clay, little by little.    Some rings are very pronounced and large, almost bumpy. The rings in my pots are very small and smooth. You have to...

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Bottoms up!!!

No one cares about the bottom of a cup.... WRONG! I care, I actually care a lot, and so should you.  Hey guys! Let’s talk about the bottom of pottery, because it is important! Unexposed clay on the bottom of a pot can feel rough, but the bottoms of all my pieces are soft and smooth.    First, all of my pieces have what they call a foot. This is the inner cored out ring on the bottom. The reason why this is important is because it allows for less surface area to be on your furniture when a piece...

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What’s with all the holes?

Have you wondered what is up with this holy bowl??? Hey guys! These are called berry bowls. They are perfect for fruit and vegetables, especially things such are blue berries, strawberries, and grapes.    They make life easy and help you choose healthy snacks more often.  How it works, you place your fruit or vegetables that need to be rinsed into the bowl. Then rinse them off, and it drains right in the bowl for you. I make all of my berry bowls as a set, so they come with a catch plate. This way you can place the freshly...

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