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An Artist Journey - The ups and downs of creation, and how to keep moving forward.

Soooo, My Social Media Got Hacked

Yep, I got hacked. I would love to tell you that I handled this situation well…. But I did not! I was lucky that I caught it right away and shut down the account. But it was still a very frustrating situation, as when I tried to recover my account everything was in French, and I don’t speak or read French. The situation to begin with is frustrating, especially as I am already busy enough as it is, so I didn’t not have time scheduled in for that kind of drama, then the language issue on top of it… like...

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Windows of Opportunity 

Life gives us windows of opportunity, and it is always our choice on how to act on them. The longer you take to act, the less choices you have, until eventually you are left with no choices. Make no mistake, if you choose to sit back and wait, take time to think things over, you have made the choice of not acting on that opportunity. If you choose not to make a choice, it’s the same as deciding no, or not yet. If you wait to approach your boss about that promotion you deserve, and then it’s filled by someone...

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I Certainly Do Not Have My Shit Together

A little while ago there were some playful comments from some of my friends on social media about how maybe “if they got their shit together like Lindsay, they could get some things done.” I literally laughed out loud, because at that same time I was looking at a pile of tasks that I had been putting off.  So here are some cold hard facts to help you feel better about yourself. No one truly has their shit together. Yes, some are a bigger hot mess than others, but we all have our junk drawer pile up, or find ourselves...

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I Like People Who Swear!!!

I listen to a lot of podcasts while working in the studio and a realization I made the other day is... that I relate more to those who swear. At first I laughed at myself with this realization. Thinking it was because I, myself, have a mouth like a trucker. Ok, more like a sailor. I grew up with my Dad sailboat racing. There is lots of colorful language to be learned when one is sailing. Maybe I just like people more like me.  But after sitting on this thought for a bit, I think it is something more. I believe...

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Tips On Setting Goals and Resolutions

For many, the New Year brings an idea of a fresh start and new beginnings. Others many feel differently, and that life just continues to roll on. I personally have a bit of a problem with New Year’s resolutions, but I am a very goal orientated person. That is why instead of making New Year’s resolutions I am spending my New Year’s Eve setting goals for 2019. In case you haven’t picked up on this yet I am a positivity, self development, goal hitting junkie. I am also in love with learning something new every day. I read a lot,...

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