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Gift Guide - 9 Gifts to Cover Everyone on Your List!

Hey guys!

With the holidays upon us it’s time to go and buy all those gifts. But the hardest part is figuring out what to give, and not breaking the bank. 

Well, I’ve got you covered on this. The perfect gift for just about everyone on your list, and best of all... you can order it all online and avoid the madness at the stores. 

Wine / Whiskey Cup

Wine/ Whiskey Cup

OK, this sweet cup can probably accommodate 90% of your gift giving list. But let’s not forget some obvious people who would enjoy this- teachers!!! Yep, you were going to give what... stationary??? Pretty sure after a day with a bunch of kids they don’t want to write love letters, they need a drink. And at only $30 it is the perfect gift. 

But let’s not stop there, go ahead and order a few. You know your girlfriends would love it, hostess gifts, boyfriends, you get the picture- pick one up for everyone - shopping is done!

Oil Cruet Bottles

Foodies- they need gifts too!

These oil bottles are hot this year, so I recommend ordering them early. Each one is made by hand using a potter’s wheel. They are ideal for keeping oils handy on the counter. They naturally keep the oil cooler and in the dark, which is the proper way to store most oils. So, give this amazing gift and sit back while the recipient cooks for you with ease, it’s almost like a gift for yourself too!


Handmade Beer CupThe Beer Cup

I’m a man, and I drink beer!

We all have that one guy on our gift list. He’s a man’s man, and he’s going to love and defend and drink his beer. Maybe this is your brother, spouse, or coworker, doesn’t matter who it is, you can still watch that boyish smile spread across his face, like he still believes when he opens up this gift.  This amazing cup is made from a stoneware clay that is naturally insulating, keeping that cold beer cold. It has a notched side to make it comfortable to hold, as we all know he’s certainly not going to be setting that beer down. And it holds a whole pint (which is 16oz), but chances are he’s going to be pouring a Past Blue Ribbon from the can into this beautiful work of art, and it has lots of room to hold that can of beer with a ton of head. 


Something adorable for those little ones. 

Don’t get kids any plastic light up, nose making toy, have you been around these things? Trust me, they will be at Goodwill in a year or two. Give them a gift that will last, and something they can pass down to their children. This also solves all your gifts for them moving forward, you can simply help them fed the pig. 


This darling set is the perfect gift. Handmade with thought and care, it’s sure to be treasured for many years to come. Simply add your favorite fruits and vegetables to the bowl and rinse. Then serve on the caught plate (which is included!!!) healthy snack is served. 

Great for helping stay on track for the upcoming resolutions. 

Handmade pottery farmhouse mugs

Coffee Lover on your list?

This is the mug to get. OK, I know what you might think, $47.50 for a mug??? But let’s keep this into perspective, that is like a week or two worth of Starbucks and this mug is going to last and be loved for decades. Beautiful oversized handle on this 16oz mug makes for a coffee lovers paradise. 


  Pottery flat bowls

Perfect for anyone who does any home cooking or hosting. These versatile vessels are not something you will see in many stores but one that will be reached for constantly to be used. 

They come in two sizes and are perfect for serving both meals and appetizers. From stews and pastas, to chips and more, this dish has it all. 

It will be a gift they cherish for a lifetime. 


 Pottery Pie Plate


Do you have a Betty Crocker on your list?

You know that person in our lives that shows up to the party, “Oh this is just an apple pie I put together real quick. The crust is a homemade family recipe. I hope it turned out ok???”

Meanwhile, as you remove the packaging from whatever you just picked up at the store...

But you need to encourage them to keep bringing these amazing treats!!!! Because, then you get to have some without all the work. Trust me, give them the pie plate and you will always get to have pie!

And at only $55 which is about the cost of a bakery pie. 

 Ceramic Planter with Catch Plate

Green thumbed loved ones?

Hey, house plants are wonderful. They help clean indoor air, look fabulous, and bring joy to all plant lovers. But those plants need a place to live, these handmade ceramic planters are perfect. Whoever you give this set to will certainly appreciate the love and attention poured into it. They have drainage holes in the bottom of the planter AND each one comes with a matching caught plate. You can’t go wrong with this gift. 



I hope this gift guide not only helped you with your holiday shopping, but also put a smile on your face. Don’t forget what this time of year is truly about, be kind to everyone you meet, make time for family, and do the things that make you merry. 

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!


Lots of love,

Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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