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Let’s talk turn times, and yes.... Christmas 

Hey guys!

Yeah, I know I threw out the C word and it’s still October- bear with me here. 

As a potter and business owner I start preparing for Christmas by the beginning of August, and every year I swear I need to start earlier the following year. 

Handmade pottery takes time to make, and a lot of time at that. There is the time taken to actually make the pot, and then there is the time needed to wait....

Wait for the clay to fully dry, wait for the kiln to fire and cool down for each of the two firings. 

This is why I start early, and guess. I guess what gifts everyone will want and in what clay and what color. Sometimes I guess right and have the perfect amount to fill all your orders, and sometimes I guess wrong- having way too much of one item or color and not nearly enough of another. 

So, in an attempt to help reduce all of our Holiday Stress I am running my largest holiday sale NOW. 

Yep, you get your shopping done early, leaving more time during the season to have actual fun, and I have less guess work- everyone wins!

To entice you even more THIS is my biggest sale of the year. These savings will far surpass any Black Friday or Cyber Monday madness. 

You already know who you are going to buy for, so pick it out now and check it off the list. 

Thank you so much for choosing my work as your special gift, and this feels weird at this time of year but.... Happy Holidays



Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery 


P.S. This discount was done on an impulse decision. Take advantage before I come to my senses!!!

Save 30% OFF your entire order now through 10/28/19 use checkout code: BeMerry

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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