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$ 22.50

Each piece is completely handmade, some variation will occur as each one is unique.

Approximate Dimensions:

8 1/2"L  x  4 1/2"W  3/4"H

Quality dinnerware gets handed down and becomes a part of our family heritage. It is intertwined with our birthday celebrations, our family meals, and Christmas dinner memories.

Pottery is also a part of our heritage as humans. This ancient functional art form has been passed down for so many generations and truly changed the way we eat and drink.

It revolutionized the way we can keep and hold water, store food, and eat our meals- of course this revolution happened about 20,000 years ago, but it was such a great invention it is still with us today.

I love the heritage behind the making of pottery, how much it has evolved but how much has still stayed the same. This collection honors and brings back the basics of simply the clay and the potter’s hands, it’s about the touch. The touch of the artist and the imprint left behind, and also the touch and feel every time the vessel is used.

You will see many bumps and texture in these pieces, each one represents a touch of the maker. It is beautiful to look upon these pieces and see how many touches it takes to make them. The glaze breaks at the peaks and valleys, showing off the texture and the contrast between the beautiful dark clay and the white glaze. 

These forms are irresistible to pick up and touch yourself. I hope you love them as much as I do and that they touch your hearts. 

Lindsay Klix

Ceramic Artist