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Why I Make Dish Sets

I make full dish sets of handmade, wheel thrown pottery. This is something many potters are not inclined to do. But for me I love to use them, which is what drives me to make them. 

I am a single mom of two little girls, so we eat at home A LOT. Obviously eating at home is great for the budget, but even more importantly, it is great for your health. It allows me to know what is in our food and make sure I am feeding my girls, real food that their bodies need to grow, and what my body needed to lose all that baby weight. (Like 65 pounds of baby weight! It wasn’t pretty. Hahahaha!)

Using quality dinnerware just makes eating our meals at home more enjoyable. I also make sure my dishes can hold up to my kids who are 5 &7 and everyday use. After we have all enjoyed our meal, everything goes in the dishwasher, because I am a single mom and I certainly don’t have time to hand wash dishes!

That is why you will find my work to be centered around both style and functionality. My pots are designed to be used, enjoyed, and practical, in addition to being beautiful and classic. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read more about the maker, ME, and for supporting my work. 

Until next time, keep the sunshine in your heart and pottery on your table. 


Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery


An Artful Family

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