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In so many ways we are more in touch with more people than any previous generation. With our cell phones we can be reached anywhere, emails we can get messages, photos, documents, whatever in a matter of seconds. Let's not forget our ever growing appetite for social media. We know who is having a baby, who's getting married, whose kids are in what sports for hundreds of "friends."

We are taught about more walks of life and more health circumstances than ever before. We are teaching our children not to hate people and to accept people for who and what they are.

Yet we seem more isolated than ever before and our world is growing increasingly violent. We can go days with out touching another human, have school shootings, gang wars. Maybe all of our technology based socialization doesn't penetrate into our hearts. Maybe a warm smile and a pat on the back from a stranger would do more for us than a hundred likes on our latest seflie.
alt="Hand of a Potter"
Even our things lack human touch. Everything is manufactured by machines and some times rarely or never touches a person until you start to use it. Is this somehow noticed by us subconsciously? Does all of this make a more and more populated and lonely world. More and more hours glued to computers and phones and less time interacting with others.

I don't know, I don't have the answers but there has to be a better and simpler way. Go back to the basics as they say. My pottery is made by the human hand in every step of the process. Will you drink from one of my cups or eat from one of my plates and subconsciously notice the difference? I don't know, but it sure couldn't hurt.

If you enjoyed this, or if this resonated with you at all, I ask that you pop on over and take a look at my handmade dinnerware. If you see something you like, or a great gift, please pick it up. 

I so appreciate you support, thank you. And for reading this blog save 10% OFF your order by using checkout code: Journey 

Lindsay Klix
Off Your Rocker Pottery

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