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I Certainly Do Not Have My Shit Together

A little while ago there were some playful comments from some of my friends on social media about how maybe “if they got their shit together like Lindsay, they could get some things done.” I literally laughed out loud, because at that same time I was looking at a pile of tasks that I had been putting off. 

So here are some cold hard facts to help you feel better about yourself. No one truly has their shit together. Yes, some are a bigger hot mess than others, but we all have our junk drawer pile up, or find ourselves from time to time with a huge to do list, but instead we sit down and work on a jigsaw puzzle or spend an hour scrolling through our phones. (Yes, that is me I am referring to!)

Here is the secret to looking like you actually have it together- try. Simply try. Try to get MOST things done. Try to be on time. Try to keep up with the house work. You will certainly not hit it out of the park on everything, every time; but simply trying to do your best in every thing you do, adds up to an overall “shit together life.”

Their is a quote I have heard on several occasions, I am not sure where it originated from but it goes like this, “the way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.” Meaning, if you half ass shovel your driveway you are more likely to half ass your housework, and half ass you relationship, and job and everything else. Now by all means, we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. The goal is to do the best YOU can do for that task. Also keep in mind sometimes everything done, is better than one thing perfect. In reality nothing is perfect, simply put forth your best effort at that moment. 

Sometimes your best effort can also change. When I first launched my Farmhouse Collection I did the best photos I had the energy, vision, and resources for at that moment. Product photos are not my strong suite, making pots is. (But I do enjoy architectural photography- just sayin’) But guess what? What I did 6-8 months ago is no longer good enough; it is no longer my best effort as I know that right NOW I am capable of better. I now have a vision and the energy to do a better job. So I am going to go back and redo all the photos. It is quite the undertaking, but something I believe is worth the effort. 

I guess in the end it’s about putting forth the effort you can in the moment, but also recognizing when you are now capable of better, and giving yourself the grace and compassion to move through it all. So here's to you, and attempting to get your shit relatively together. 

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Until next time, keep the sunshine in your heart and pottery on your table

Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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