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I’m Not Broken

Fruit Bowl

Life gives us scars, scratches, and cracks from our heartbreaks, trauma and losses. Many of us hide our cracks from most of the world - only showing them to a small select few or maybe to no one at all. We all smile through our social media pictures as to say “Look I’m OK, I’m not broken.”

We cover up our gray hair with dye, wrinkles with makeup or Botox; we hide the events in our life if it is not Facebook worthy. Why? This seems like a type of self torture. Then in return our friends and family also feel inferior about their own “imperfections.” We all end up feeling alone and damaged.

The Japanese have a phrase called wabi-sabi. It means that we are made more beautiful through our imperfections. It is these slight differences that make us who we are - that make us beautiful. 

The Japanese also have a term and technique called kintsugi. This is where they take broken pottery and repair it. The repair is meant to be visible and stand out. It is through the repair that the pot gains even more beauty and more value showing its history. Through the repair the pot starts to tell a story and it is its story that brings its beauty to the surface. 

I am no longer going to see my own cracks as something to be shameful about; something that needs to be hidden and neither will my pots. We are not broken we are simply humans who have been living life, and life creates cracks.  We are perfect and lovable with all our cracks in tact and showing. We too become more beautiful when we repair ourselves and heal.

This is the first pot in a series that I will be doing where I am no longer going to hide the flaws or cracks that happen during the pot making process. Instead I am going to take extra care and repair them, with the repair being the center point. It is when we repair ourselves that the strength and beauty come out and my pottery will express this as well.  

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Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • JO on

    I think this is a wonderful idea, and will look forward to seeing other creations.

  • James Connelly on

    I love this idea, it will make your pottery and art even more beautiful. Great work !

  • Mary Cornell on

    You are so creative Lindsay! Love this idea! After all, we are all cracked vessels (pots). Everyone should be able to relate to these lovingly repaired creations!

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