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Life Through My Rose Colored Glasses

I believe in good people, I believe in the warmth and love of humanity.  I choose not to watch the news, and I have not watched it in years. The reason is because I feel it only shows me the bad. The hurt and the hate in this world dominates the news, yet I know that kindness is what dominants the real world. If you set out to find the kindness you will start to see it everywhere you go. You will see someone holding a door for a complete stranger, a mom helping a lost or hurt child that is not her own. You will see someone helping another pick up something that they have dropped. It goes on and on.

Some people have accused me of being naive. I am certainly not naive, I am well aware of the anger and hurt that some humans put on others. I know bad people are out there, I know I can get hurt. I have been hurt and abused at times in my life. I have always survived; I am resilient and will continue to be. 

What I will not do is go through this life looking for the next predator. I will not think every person in my life must be thoroughly vetted. I will not wonder if every encounter someone is possibly out to get me. Because if I were to live this way, it would cause me to miss out on the good. It would have me miss seeing the love and happiness that others can bring. 

So what if I get burned again, I know I will survive, but I would not want to live without the love and kindness. I choose to seek out the good and will deal with the bad when it arises. 

I am fighting anger and hatred in my own way. I am doing it by treating the people I come into contact with kindness and compassion. It is a ripple effect. Every person you touch with kindness will then treat the next person they come into contact with a little kinder as well, and so on. Everyone has their own way; I am not saying one is good or bad, right or wrong. This is just what is right for me. What is your way?

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • Rick Copper on

    Well stated.

  • Amy on

    Amen, Sister!! <3

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