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What Do You Want?

I have come across recently that this is a difficult subject for some when it comes to their life, something they don’t give any thought to, or possibly afraid to actually state what it is. 

When you go to a restaurant you order what you want. You deliberate, if you need more time, you communicate that to the waitress. Why don’t we do the same things for our lives?

You wouldn’t go out to eat and just let the waitress bring whatever is lying around the kitchen for you to consume. Yes, they may bring something delicious and unexpected, or they could bring you a plate full of Portobello mushrooms or something loaded with sour cream- things I personally don’t care for. For someone else this could be their dream meal, but certainly not mine. 

Don’t get me wrong it is great to be open to new possibilities that you may not have even imagined existed. It is good to try new things. But through the trail and errors of life, you start to have a list of things you like and want, and things you don’t. Wouldn’t it make sense to order your life from the list of things you love?

So is it that some people never even look at the menu, or is it possibly that they are simply afraid of placing their order? Fear that the restaurant maybe out, or laughed at for such a “ridiculous” order. I’m here to say - who cares! Wouldn’t it be better to attempt to get what you want, rather than settling for whatever someone else thinks would be good for you?

Take the time in life to place your order, because everyone deserves a life they enjoy. Life is too short to just accept whatever is lying around the kitchen. 

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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