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Old people are great in my opinion. I love how they just don't care and will tell you exactly how they feel. If you happen to put on some weight or get a bad hair cut Grandma will be the first to let you know. It's like the honesty of a child with the wisdom of a lifetime.

Have you ever tried to get a gift for an old person? It's terrible they don't want anything. They see it as they have everything they need. They don't have a need or want for anything else. The lack of the material desire is great.

Recently my Grandfather-in-law turned 93. Awesome, Happy Birthday Grandpa! But what the hell do you get him for his birthday party? Gin, the answer was gin for everyone. I had made him a small rocks cup to drink his gin out of and of course a bottle. Everyone got him a bottle of his favorite gin - Beefeater. It was hilarious, there were like 8 or 9 bottles sitting there after he opened his gifts. He didn't need anything, didn't want anything. You get to be 93 and like gin, drink up, who cares?

Another thing that I love is how life slows down, maybe this is because our bodies start to fail us physically. Or maybe its because as we age we realize there is no point to rush, we are all going to end up at the same place. Years ago I had seen something on one of those science/ National Geographic type channels that has really stuck with me. It was a program looking at time. Yes time can be measured and is precise but it can also be so relative. Time flies when your having fun and so forth. In this program they did a small street survey asking people without counting to state when a minute was up. Ok go....when is a minute up?

The fascinating thing to me was that it was very consistent per age group. Younger participants were always early, always before the minute had passed, middle aged were right around a minute. But the elderly were quite a bit over, their minute lasted longer. Is it our internal clock and biology that we have no control over or is it simply a change in lifestyle and outlook that has us slow down as we age.

More often than not I cannot believe where my day has gone. What? It's dinner time and I haven't even defrosted the chicken yet! Where did the day go? It stresses me out, I always have an idea or list of what I want to accomplish and it seems to always be rolling onto the next day. I never have enough hours in a day. Do I try to do to much? Do tasks take me longer than they should? Am I too slowing down, my internal clock taking that longer minute.

The one place this happens all the time is my studio, but I have learned to not have it stress me...most of the time. Yes I need to complete my work, I have orders to fulfill, items I need to get onto my website. I am a lister, I have to do lists for everything. It helps get it out of my head and keeps me focused. I do the same thing in my studio, but the difference is I don't put deadlines on most of these. My goal is to make the best pot I can make every time. If some days that takes a little longer, so be it. Some days I complete more than I imagined I would, which is great. Most days I am on point or behind. I have also lessened my expectations on my output which has helped reduce the stress immensely. Something I should probably try to implement in the rest of my life.

My concept of time when in my studio is much more "elderly like" then I would probably like to admit. My goal is to do this in more areas of my life, slow down. What is the rush anyway, if you keep moving forward you will get there. I would rather arrive happier, less stressed and late than on time and manic.

Let's put and little more elderly in our soul; slow down, be honest, and want less. (Except when it comes to pottery, you should always want more pottery :))

If you enjoyed this, or if this resonated with you at all, I ask that you pop on over and take a look at my handmade dinnerware. If you see something you like, or a great gift, please pick it up. 

I so appreciate you support, thank you. And for reading this blog save 10% OFF your order by using checkout code: Journey 

Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery


My grandparents: I love all of you so much, not a day goes by that I don't miss each and everyone of you.



Grandma and Grandpa Rubidoux

Grandpa always told everyone he didn't have a bald spot, it was a solar panel for a sex machine. So before his time, going green and renewable energy. You were my best friend for so many years, what I wouldn't give to talk to you again.

Grandma, no one ever wanted to sit next to you at dinner because you would always pick and eat off our plates, never knew where you put it all. What I wouldn't give now to have you pick off my plate.


Grandma and Grandpa Webnar

Grandma you always had a cold in your armpit...I still have no idea what this means but I did inherit the clicking ankle as I walk up the stairs, only one ankle, I miss you.

Grandpa, I miss how you use to always drive 20 miles over the speed limit. You were a speed demon, beer loving, golfer and I loved you.

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  • Jo on

    What a beautiful blog. I wish that everyone loved old people because I am definitely there. Love your pottery. You are very talented.

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