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Big Accomplishments are Achieved in Small Choices

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It's not the huge 180 degree changes that achieve greatness. We are creatures of habit and trying to change ones self or our way of doing things all at once is a set up for disaster. You will eventually revert to your old ways. But changing the way you look at things and how you do things a little at a time is how to achieve that overhaul, that 180.

From a couch potato making a New Year's resolution to working out 6 days a week and eating healthy is not happening. It may for a little while but you are setting yourself up for disaster. Ok maybe you are one of those few select people who can do a 180 and stick to it but for the rest of us it just isn't happening.

It's the small changes added up that make the difference. Eating half the cookie not the whole, switching out your hamburger and fries for a wrap and fries. Waking up 10 minutes earlier to get to work 10 minutes earlier. That extra 10 minutes of work day after day, week after week could result in a lot more output in your job.

Spending time to weight out my clay for each item, small step, but I can then have more pots that pair up nicely together. More pairs add up to larger sets, larger sets of each item can add up to a lovely dish set. You don't sit down at a pottery wheel for the first time and expect a full dish set. It comes over time, one small step at a time.

I had gained an embarrassing amount of weight while I was pregnant. I had two pregnancies and neither one was this "I am happy and glowing," it was about survival. Just getting through, I felt like shit 24/7. The only comfort or good feeling I found was in processed carbs and boy oh boy did I constantly try to feel better all day long. High calorie raisin toast, large amounts of granola, French bread by the loaf, I was just trying to get through one day at a time by stuffing my face. Then end it all off with 46 hours of labor with my first and 18 hours with my second, no I do not do pregnancy well.

So there I was with a toddler and a 9 Lb newborn and an extra 60 Lbs. on me. My energy levels and self-esteem were both in the gutter. I did not do this beautiful 3 month bounce back. It took about a year and a half. I can say with confidence it is never coming back, the weight, sluggishness, or pregnancy.

It was switching out a few foods here and there at a time. It was a workout once a week, then twice and so on. Now I do a short workout everyday. I feel better on days I workout so I do it everyday. With taking the weight off and working on strength training I was able to have mobility and strength to make bigger and better pots. It takes quite a bit of physical strength to make a wheel thrown large platter. Which in turn is more calorie burning activities. I have more energy and sleep less, this means more time to get things accomplished.

Each small choice can lead to another small choice, and another. Think of each choice as a degree to a better you, and add them all together to get your 180. Don't get discouraged, don't give up. Make one small choice and change once a week or month and go from there. You will get there one degree at a time. What will you change today for a one degree better you?

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • JO on

    I like your blogs because they are about real problems, and your insights are astute.

  • SAndy UNger on

    You are a very wise women. God bless you in your work and your family.

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