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Greed or Ambition?

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Greed or Ambition

I am always looking for more, always setting that next goal, never quite satisfied with where I am. Am I greedy or ambitious? What is the difference and where is the line drawn? I have been giving this a lot of thought lately wondering where I lie on this greed-ambition spectrum. Wondering if I will ever be satisfied with what I have and where I am at? Do I want to be satisfied with where I am at?

This is true in so many areas of my life but even more with my work, my pottery. Even as I am achieving one goal I am already moving on to the next. I do think it is good to always want to improve but maybe I should take a small amount of time to relish in the accomplishment I just achieved. But there we go, we have another problem, I feel like I never have enough time. So much I want to do and yet only so much time to work on it.

So here is what I have come up with, both ambition and greed are based off the same desire of wanting more. Yet these two words have such a different meaning and feeling from one another. To me greed is the now, the taking or wanting things given to you. Greed is lazy, overindulging, dark and dirty, it is the stealing from society. Yet ambition feels more like hard work, patience, healthier, good, clean and adding to society. To be ambitious is to grow as a person. How can two words that come from the same desire have such a different meaning and feeling for so many of us?

They both come from the same place, wanting more, but it is our actions that make the difference. With greed you want everything given to you or are willing to take it from others. Where ambition you are willing to work for something. It is our actions that change and make a world of difference.

I have stopped beating myself up over this wanting of more because I know I work very hard. It is my hard work that makes my wants good, that make me ambitious and that makes me grow as a person. So next time you find yourself wanting more ask yourself, how hard are you willing to work for it?

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Lindsay Klix                                                                                                                     Off Your Rocker Pottery

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