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Kick the Bucket List. I am Going for a Life List!

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Bucket List

Bucket list, the last scramble to get in all the things that you put off your whole life. The things that were actually important to you. Don't get me wrong there are things we should experience before our time is up but why put it on a bucket list. Why are we putting it off until later? What if there is no later?

Recently I was contacted by a very expressive woman, and I say this is the most loving way! She had contacted me for a custom order on a set of mugs and she had a way with words. I so enjoyed her emails, the way she would describe things and go into detail would put a smile on my face. After corresponding back and forth a few times she had told me part of her reason for treating herself to handmade mugs was due to fact that she had a heart attack. Afterward she decided to only fill her life with things that brought her joy and happiness. This is a great outlook that we should all take on, but what bothered me is that this wonderful woman had to almost lose her life in order to learn this lesson. What is even more sad is there are so many of us that never learn this lesson. We don't get those second chances, we leave this life with a full bucket list unchecked.

Instead of thinking of it as a bucket list why not think of it as a life list? Would just changing that one word on this list change our mindset and have us stop putting it off and start on it now while we still can? I understand somethings have to wait due to finances, work, children and what not. But there are so many things that we can start to do, small things. Several small things add up and they add up to a better, happier life. The sooner you experience things the longer you have to enjoy the memory or knowledge.

So comment and commit below on what you are going to start to check off of your Life List! And I can't wait to hear about the updates! It doesn't have to be huge. It can be as simple as reading a book, signing up for a class, or checking out a restaurant you have been thinking about.

For me? Well... Off Your Rocker Pottery was on my Life List and I couldn't be happier for starting this wild journey in business and clay. There were plenty of reasons why people thought I was crazy and I should wait. My kids are so young and need me, I don't have enough time and the list can go on and on. But my two little girls were one of the biggest reasons why I had to start and could not wait. I wanted to show my girls to take the plunge when your heart calls and go for what brings you happiness in life.

If you enjoyed this, or if this resonated with you at all, I ask that you pop on over and take a look at my handmade dinnerware. If you see something you like, or a great gift, please pick it up. 

I so appreciate you support, thank you. And for reading this blog save 10% OFF your order by using checkout code: Journey 

Lindsay Klix                                                                                                                     Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • J Webnar on

    I love your blogs. They keep getting better and better.

  • L Schwartz on

    Whenever I have had a bad day and I get one of your Emails it always cheers me up. Thank you and please keep them coming.

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