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Composing the Symphony of Your Life

Their are times in life when everything just fits together perfectly. The perfect symphony, where mathematics and magic come together, enter your ears to transport your heart to a higher level. That song that you can’t help but jam out to! It lines up, and has a perfect spot for everything- like a full kiln load that fits every last pot. Other times, not everything will fit. Some pots will have to be left for another time, the next firing. You have to make a choice on what is more important, and what must wait. Like a musician with the perfect riff in their head and heart, but just can’t find the right song to place it in yet. 

We live in a time where we expect to have it all, all the time. You don’t see the pots that didn’t fit as the potter unloads the kiln. You don’t hear the riff that has yet to find its song. You don’t see the things that were desired, but not accomplished. Just know that it will find its spot. One day that pot will find the kiln to fit in. If it is your heart or passion that is still looking for its’ perfect spot, hold tight and keep the faith, your time will come. 

In my latest kiln load I had some beautiful bowls that did not fit. I now see that this was actually how things should be, as their place was to bring this awareness to me. I know their time will come in the next firing. And when their time does come, the spot will be perfect. This is simply another lesson clay has offered me, the lesson of being patient while your perfect spot is being created. 

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Until next time, keep the sunshine in your heart and pottery on your table.

Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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