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I'm Sorry My Jar Is Full

I believe we are all given a jar to hold and store all of life's bull shit. Some of us are given small, tinny jars. Others like myself must have large super sized jars. I feel like one day I looked down and my jar was full and overflowing. "Oh, I'm sorry my jar is full, you will have to take your shit else ware."

Every single one of us has our limits, our breaking points. I found this jar analogy to be liberating. Each one of us has the choice to put on our no vacancy sign. You don't have to wait until your jar is full, it is up to you to set your limit. It makes me wonder how many times in my life has my jar been full and have I been like, "Just wait one minuet let me empty and clean out my jar. Then I can go and take that off your hands for you."

Regardless of your limits in the past it is up to each one of us to set our new limits each and every day. Just because you let someone take up residency in the past does not mean you have to allow them to stay today. I have recently turned on my no vacancy sign for my old clay supplier. This past summer I received a bad batch of clay, it was the second time this has happened. The mineral content is not balanced and when you fire it the pot will blister and bulge, like tumors all over it. My old supplier was always very kind and returned all the clay and just an overall nice guy, but what about all the work I lost? Things happen, I understand that, but twice now. I just can't accept it any longer. I have orders to fill and a business to run. I have two small children and my time is something I seem to never have enough of and that is what the bad clay costs me, time. It takes my time to remake all those pots that are ruined. I have found a new clay supplier and I couldn't be happier with the new clay.

Now this in no way means you should be rude, mean, or bitter. Just simply that you will no longer accept to have certain things in your life. It's more like acceptance and moving on! What in your life has filled your jar? Is today the day to turn on your no vacancy sign?

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • Lindsay Klix on

    Jim, thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you as well! I swear I never rush you orders you seem to always order items I am already working on or almost complete. Hahaha we are on the same pottery wave length.

  • Jo Webnar on

    I love the analogy of the bullshit jar. It made me chuckle, but you are so right. I’m sorry to hear about the clay and know what an artist and professional you are. Hope the new supplier works out.

  • Jim Connelly on

    I can understand why you would be upset with 2 bad batches of clay which is your canvas. You must look after yourself your children first, they are your primary responsibility. I will be ordering more items in the near future, but don’t feel you have to get them to me as quick as you can. I know true artistry takes time and can’t be rushed. If you have other orders that have to be filled then I will gladly wait. I’ve seen the commitment to the quality and artistry of your passion, and that should never be rushed. I hope you have a Merry Christmas Jim Connelly

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