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Perfection is Boring!

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Tummy tucks, Botox, boob jobs, even calf implants, we have all seen these. We have all seen the person with the perfect body. Many of us have envied over these perfect specimens and have even considered plastic surgery in order to join them. Some of us may have considered it for a little while, maybe just as a dream of what if, while some of you may have had the surgery. I will admit I too have thought about surgery, for me it was a tummy tuck and Botox I considered. Not being happy with my post baby body and feeling the effects of now being an ageing women. Wanting that perfection.

But then I thought what kind of example would I be seating for my two young girls? That eating well, being fit, and being healthy isn't good enough? That your natural self is not good enough? That physical appearance is so important surgery is necessary? This was not the standard I want my girls to grow up with. I realized whatever issues I had with myself needed to be worked on emotionally and mentally, not surgically.

Being perfect and maintaining perfection is not a responsibility I want. Perfect is boring and it makes others around you feel uncomfortable and inadequate. It is our imperfections that make us unique, amazing, and interesting.

This change of thought is freeing and opened my eyes to so many other areas as well. When working with clay I was always striving for the perfect edge, that perfect form. I was never satisfied. But then I started to look at these differences from piece to piece as beautiful. It even had me start on a whole new series of hand built work which I have been thrilled with. I began keeping the natural edge of my hand thrown slabs and making them a part of the piece. Cherishing that imperfect edge and making it a focal point.

So I invite you to join me on celebrating our uniqueness and imperfections and seeing the beauty that they hold.

Their is no greater artist than Mother Nature. Enjoy and cherish all of her work.

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • L ynn Grap on

    HI Lindsay, what is the name of the bowl in this picture? I really like it.

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