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There are times to take it easy, then there are the times you need to put on a good pair of shoes and get it done. No complaining, no self doubt weather you can do it or not, no other option but to get it done.

My get it done days are my clay delivery days. I order seven hundred pounds of clay at a time, fifty pound boxes, fourteen of them. They are delivered to my house and left in my garage. No one to help, no one to rely on but me and they are need to be carried down a set of basement stairs, carried across my basement into my studio and stacked. Clay needs to be climate controlled, it can't freeze, it cannot bake in the sun and dry out. This clay order costs me money and is my means for income for the next few months. No options, it must be carried down and put away...TODAY.

I have found an easier way to carry this down stairs and it all has to do with the way I talk to myself. I changed my pep talk and the load has seemed to have gotten lighter. Instead of telling myself to stay strong, don't be weak, just do it; I have found a more compassionate pep talk. I have lost over sixty pounds from when I was pregnant. These boxes of clay are only fifty. When I was pregnant and overweight I did not have an option of putting down the weight. I carried it everywhere! To the store, to bed, to the bathroom, and of course to the pantry for more Nutella! If I could carry that weight around everyday then I can certainly carry less weight around for 14 trips down to the basement. The difference is that this time when I am done I don't have to pick it up and carry the weight around anymore.

I already know I am strong enough and I can do it because I already have. It is such a better form of motivation to talk highly of yourself. I have put the weight down, I lost it through hard work, diet, and exercise and I know I will never pick it up again. I have also learned to just say "NO" to Costco. As far as the clay, mission accomplished! I can put the clay down and leave it there on my studio floor and not be burdened with having to carry it again... well until my next clay order. What weight are you carry around, weather physically or metaphorically? The time is today to put it down, you do not need to carry it around any longer.


Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery 

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