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Do You Remember?

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Do you remember that young adult you once were? The one that was filled with dreams, the one who thought the world could become a better place, and that you could help change it. Before life knocked you down, made you bitter, cynical, always looking out for the worse case scenario instead of the best. Visit that younger person you were and try to be more like them.

When I was fresh out of high school I made this crafty little journal with all different colored pages. In it I use to write down quotes I came across that I liked. I loved quotes, one to two sentence statements that had a lifetime of knowledge, if only you were to listen. I remember sitting in my room alone and opening this journal up randomly and reading. It was my own personal little motivational session with some of the greatest minds. It would make me feel like anything could be overcome or accomplished.

My handmade little journal is long gone, but it's lessons still live on. I have now started a new quote collection, this one is now in my phone and is carried with me everywhere. Many of our practices and dreams from childhood and young adulthood were good. Try to revisit these things and get back some of yourself that gets lost along the journey of life.

Please share with me any good quotes that have touched your life.

Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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