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Taking The Time

It seems that we all make sure to take the time and let people know when we are upset. A company sells you a bad product or gives you poor customer service, and off we go to post about it on social media, or write a three page email to the corporate office. We read a blog or a post that we find offensive and you bet your bottom dollar we are going to leave a comment about it! A friend does us wrong or hurts us. We are going to talk about it, over and over again, and it should certainly be addressed with this friend - of course! But what about when we have a positive experience? Why are we far less likely to put as much effort into telling people when they do a good job?

I received the most wonderful email a few weeks ago. A woman took the time to email me to let me know that she loved my work and was touched by my blogs. She stated that one in particular touched her daughter; the I’m Not Broken entry. I cannot begin to tell you how good this made me feel. I can see how many people click on my blogs, how long they are on the page for, and so on- through website analytics. What I can’t see is how they reacted to it. Did they like it? Do they think I am an insane artist who should stick to clay rather than the written word? So you can imagine how amazing it was to get some feed back, not only feed back, but gosh darn it she liked me!!!

But then I got to thinking, how often do I do the same for others? For quite sometime now, I have made it a practice to say the complements that are in my head out loud. I decided if I see a woman in a dress that I think is beautiful I am going to stop and say it to her. Because it is beautiful, and maybe everyone has told her, or maybe no one has taken the time to at all. But I am sorry to admit I did not give people the same consideration if my encounter of them was online. After all it’s social media, not real people right? WRONG! Behind every post and every article and every blog post is a person, a person with a heart and a soul. I have read countless things online that I loved and that resonated with me, but I have never left them a comment. I am guilty of this, and I am changing my ways.

I am a work in progress so in no way am I going to get this right every time, but I am going to make a more conscious effort. I will start to let the people behind the articles I enjoy know that their work was seen and enjoyed. I am going to give less time and comments to the things I don’t like, and start to give more time and praise to the things that I do like.

If you enjoyed this, or if this resonated with you at all, I ask that you pop on over and take a look at my handmade dinnerware. If you see something you like, or a great gift, please pick it up. 

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Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • Lindsay Klix on

    Ellen, thank you for your kind words! It keeps me writing as well as making pots. I hope you get a very kind and happy phone call or email about your work very soon!

  • Ellen on

    Well said & very true. I rarely get a positive call. But lots of not happy ones.
    I love reading your blog & look forward to it. You are as artistic with the written word as you are with clay :)

  • Rick Copper on

    Thanks for writing this post. There are so many things we can do to aid our psyche. It’s not always easy, but being positive and appreciating those around you is certainly helpful. Well done.

  • Jaime on

    Thank you for posting this. I try to do the same myself for others. Giving compliments or even just helping out. I can’t remember how I found your blog, probably looking through old high school friends to see how purple are doing. But I really do like your work and your blogs. I tend to keep to myself and a small circle of people in my life, but I definitely feel there needs to be more compassion and more compliments in this world! Thank you for posting!

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