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The Costumes We Wear

How many times do we find ourselves doing things in order to please others? Wearing a certain outfit, or attending that party when we are exhausted? We go with the flow in order to fit in, and not stand out, not be different. 

My five year old only wants to wear nightgowns, I so hope this is a phase. At first I fought her on this, I made her wear clothes. It was to the point where I had to wrestle her to the ground in order to get her dressed for school, until one day I said fuck it! Wear whatever you want, as long as it’s clean. 

So a nightgown is what she wears everyday, everywhere. Now that it is getting colder out, it’s a nightgown with pants which have ripped up knees- they are her favorites. 

Even on Halloween she wasn’t having it, she did not want to wear any sort of costume, she only wanted to wear a nightgown. I decided not to fight her on this, and I let her do what she wanted. I personally don’t like heavy costume makeup, what if someone forced me to wear that all day long? I would be miserable, so I decided to treat the costume for my daughter in the same manner. What my daughter did want though, was a witch’s broom. So that is what her “costume” was on Halloween, her regular nightgown with her carrying a witch’s broom. 

Of course I had thoughts while on the way to her preschool Halloween parade, about what the other Moms would think about me, but then I reminded myself, that what other people think of me is none of my business. My sweet little girl was so incredibly happy at that parade. I have never seen anyone carry a witch’s broom so well, or with so much pride before in my life. You could see from her face, and the energy she gave off, that she was in pure bliss. I am so glad I allowed her to just be herself and do what made her comfortable and happy, because the smile she wore was so much better than any costume ever could be. 

So the next time you are fighting with your kids, spouse, or yourself about what “should” be done, all the while feeling miserable doing it, I recommend you try doing what would truly make you happy in that situation, doing what your heart wants. Try it just one time, I have a feeling you may get hooked on following your heart.

Delaney and the Broom

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Lindsay Klix

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