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Babe Ruth Was Actually A Failure

Most of us are aware of all the home runs Babe Ruth hit. He had 714 home runs in his career. He is a baseball legend, but how many of you know that he also struck out 1330 times?

By all means of measurement, he is a looser. He struck out more times than he hit home runs. Is this the way you would judge his home runs, in respect to his struck outs?

So many of us, (I am sooo inculcate in this category) beat ourselves up over our misses in life, over our mistakes. We judge ourselves solely on what we have not done, instead of giving ourselves credit for the things that we have knocked out of the park. Why? Why do we give others more grace than we give ourselves? Thomas Edison failed at making a light bulb 1,000 times. Then after all those losses, he got one win. How would you rank him, failure or success?

I personally have been struggling lately with focusing on my misses, and the things I still fall short on. But it is these failed attempts, and the not yet reached goals, where the magic happens. This is the place where we learn and grow, and find out what we are made of. It’s time for all of us to start to judge ourselves on our wins, on our accomplishments, on our home runs; as this is what defines us. It is about what we get right, not what we get wrong. 

In the end, if you want a chance at hitting a home run, you must be willing to strike out a few times first. The only way you become a looser is when you stop going up to bat. So keep swinging for the fences, because your next home run could be just one pitch away.

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Lindsay Klix

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