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Tips On Setting Goals and Resolutions

For many, the New Year brings an idea of a fresh start and new beginnings. Others many feel differently, and that life just continues to roll on. I personally have a bit of a problem with New Year’s resolutions, but I am a very goal orientated person. That is why instead of making New Year’s resolutions I am spending my New Year’s Eve setting goals for this next coming year.

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet I am a positivity, self development, goal hitting junkie. I am also in love with learning something new every day. I read a lot, listen to many interviews and also have a pile of my own mistakes, AKA life lessons, that all make up my wisdom of today.

A few tips and things to think about if you wish to join me on setting goals for this year.


Be easy on yourself and don’t over do it!

Seriously one to three goals at a time is more than enough. Don’t try to be a goal multitasker. Studies have shown that concentrating on one thing at a time allows you to do a better job and in less time. It is better to accomplish one goal than to set fifteen of them and accomplish none of them!


Be aware of goal dominoes.

A goal domino is one goal that automatically leads to the other goals that you have. For instance- your goal is to get a promotion. The promotion will automatically give you the raise you desire. The increased income will allow for you to travel more. There is no need to set all three goals of  the promotion, raise, and more travel. That would be a lot for your mind to work on, and be an energy drain on you. Instead, simply set the goal on the promotion and focus on that, once that one goal is achieved the other desires and goals fall into place.


Have a big enough why behind your goal.

Attaining goals has us stepping outside of our comfort zone, and having to say no to activities that do not propel us forward. These are things that can be difficult, but if your why is big enough it makes them easier. For instance if your goal is to loose 30 pounds and you have no why behind it, you are likely to give up when the going gets tough with a Portillo’s chocolate cake in front of you. But let’s say the why you want to loose the weight is because your health is on the line, because you are setting an example for your daughter who is also overweight, because you want to feel comfortable and confidant about yourself. All these because reasons help give you the willpower to say NO to the chocolate cake.


It’s not all or nothing.

We all make mistakes or miss the mark; the secret is to never give up. Life is about learning and making adjustments and then going for it again. (I would recommend a recent blog post on this subject – Babe Ruth Was Actually A Failure) I would also remind everyone that reaching half a goal is better then never setting one to begin with. Back to the weight loss example, if you set a goal of loosing 30 pounds, but only end up losing 15, you still lost 15 pounds!!! That’s awesome, congratulations! Now set another goal and loose the last 15 pounds.


Believe in yourself and your goal.

Do not set yourself up for failure on setting a resolution or goal on something that you don’t truly believe you can attain. In the same token, make sure you are striving for things outside your comfort zone. Some of our big dreams and goals need to be broken down into bit size pieces. Just keep moving forward.


Your goals should always be specific and measurable.

If you want to increase your income, that is wonderful. By how much? Where are you at now? Want to lose weight? How much weight, what is your current weight? If you can’t measure your goal than it is hard to know when you hit it.


Write it down!!!!

People who write down their goals are 40% - 50% more likely to achieve them. Wait, what??? Simply writing it down increases your odds by that much, you better get writing! I like to take this a step further and write down my goal and work backwards. Meaning, what do I have to do in order to reach that goal. What small steps everyday can I do to bring me just a little bit closer?

I have new goals for Off Your Rocker Pottery, and for my work as an artist for this up coming year. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of my journey which has gotten me this far. I hope you enjoy and continue to take the journey with me and my pottery into this next year and beyond. I would love to hear what your up coming goals are, tips and tricks you use, and what you thought about this article, so please let me know. Comments, messages, and emails are all welcomed.

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Until next time, keep the sunshine in your heart and pottery on your table.


 Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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