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The Sliding Scale of Life

When you live in the past, you live in depression. When you live in the future, you live in anxiety. But when you live in the present, that is where true happiness lies. This is something that has come up a lot lately in the things I have been hearing and reading, in different forms and in different wording, but the same concept. This is my take on it. 

I don’t believe you can truly live in only one of these areas. Instead I see it as a sliding scale. You need to revisit the past to learn from past encounters, or sometimes relive happy experiences. You can not, or at least should not, ignore your past. There are a lot of amazing things back there- lessons, relationships, good times, and bad. 

You also need to live in the future to plan ahead, to make the changes necessary today, in order to be where you wish to be tomorrow. The future will come whether you prepare for it or not. It is unavoidable. You cannot predict the future, but I certainly wish to be the best prepared as I can be. But in reality you only have today, and we should try to always make the best of the day we are currently in.

I find the heartache comes when we allow that sliding scale to go to far in one direction or the other. Instead the goal should be to glide back and forth relatively in the middle. 

I know I personally have let my sliding scale go way to far down both ends of the track at times. Lately for me it has been to far down the future, which has been causing me fear and anxiety. So, I am working on staying more in the middle, and things have been so much more pleasant. I am choosing to try not to be crippled with worry and overwhelmed. Trying to change this mindset has allowed for me to get things done that I have been procrastinating on, or feeling resistance around. Yes, even I find myself procrastinating! This is slowly allowing for me to let go of the things I cannot control. So where have you been on the sliding scale of life? Have you gone too far down one side of the track or the other?

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • Katie on

    Well said! I tend to slide toward the future with concerns that create anxiety! I appreciate the reminder!

  • Jo on

    For a young woman, you have a great insight on life. I love your blogs.

  • BONNIE McCormick on

    You and Rick got this right!! Heading back to the middle as I type!😘

  • Jim on

    I find myself looking into the future too often so reminders like this are very helpful! So thank you for the reminder and awesome job!

  • Rick Copper on

    Oar to the left; oar to the right, but keep your canoe in the middle, that’s where the paddling is smoother.

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