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You Must Be Willing to Travel Down That Road

 Sometimes you feel a calling, an urge, whatever you want it call it, to do something. Don’t be afraid to try it out, I encourage you to travel down that path. It may be exactly what you need to do, or maybe it will be a dead end. The thing is, is that sometimes when we think a road is a dead end, right before the road ends, there lies a hidden short cut to somewhere else. 


This year I released my If Pots Could Talk series. It was something I had been brain storming about, and playing with the idea of in my head for several months before actually doing it. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was when I finally began to travel down that road. While working on the pieces I felt so lit up. I was in a creative flow, and felt like I was on fire! Then it came time to share my work with the world…. Self doubt crept in, and my inner critic was nastier than normal.

I certainly felt resistance around sharing this new collection, but I did it anyway. I will say the collection certainly isn’t for everyone, but the people who do like it, love it! The best part is that traveling down that road is what lead me to a short cut to my button series. If I haven’t been in experimentation mode, I would have never tried my button pots out. Not only that, the If Pots Could Talk collection gave me the idea to write messages on the bottom of my button pots. Something I love, and have had a great response from others on.

I am still making pieces in the If Pots Could Talk collection as well as my classic collection for now, will I always? I have no idea. What I do know is that I am grateful that I tried it, and that I decided to take the adventure down that road, because it lead me to so much more than I originally intended. 

Think about your life, are there areas that you need to explore? Do you have a path that is calling to you? If you do, I would love if you would share it, and in any form you feel most comfortable with. Be it a comment on the blog, a social media post, or a message or email, which ever. I encourage you to always take that path as you never know where it may lead!

If you enjoyed this, or if this resonated with you at all, I ask that you pop on over and take a look at my handmade dinnerware. If you see something you like, or a great gift, please pick it up. 

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery

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  • BONNIE McCormick on

    I just gotta do All the roads! & All the things!

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