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Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchilada Free Recipe

This is a family pleasing meal in my household and I hope it is in yours as well. If you make it, please share on social media how you liked it and tag us! Happy cooking, and even happier eating!


2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 

Salt and Pepper

Cilantro- 1 bunch chopped

3 Green Onions

Spanish Rice - one boxed mix

1 Red pepper- diced

8 oz Monterey Jack Cheese- shredded 

Sour Cream 6-8 oz

Corn Tortillas

1 TBL Ghee

Enchilada Sauce. 8-10 oz


Preheat oven to 450F

Make the rice according to the directions on the package.  

Meanwhile dice the green onions, separating the green tops and white bottoms into separate small Off Your Rocker Pottery bowls.  

Dice red pepper and chop up cilantro, set aside in separate bowls.

Dice chicken into small pieces and sprinkle with salt and pepper. 

Heat ghee in a large pan over med-high heat. Add chicken and cook until cooked through. 

Add red pepper and white parts of green onions to pan, cook until pepper is softened. 

Mix together rice and chicken mixture, add sour cream and mix well. Stir in cilantro (leaving some set aside to top dish at the end)

In a 9x12 glass pan fill corn tortillas with chicken and rice mixture. Place tortillas seam side down. 

Pour enchiladas sauce over the top of the tortillas and spread evenly, then top evenly with cheese. 

(Please note corn tortillas will break a bit more then flour ones when filling. I still use them as they are gluten free and we also like the taste better then flour tortillas, but feel free to use the flour tortillas if you wish.)

Bake for 10 min or until cheese is melted. 

Top with remaining cilantro and green onions. Let stand for 10-15 min and serve on an Off Your Rocker Pottery plate


Thanks so much for trying my recipe!

If you wish to check out my full line of handmade dinnerware you can do so here. Enjoy!


Thank you!

Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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