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Make Your Own Trail Mix

How to  make your own trail mix

OK, I know this isn’t the most mind blowing of recipes to share, but I thought it was still important. I have made my own trail mix for years and I find people are always surprised by this. Trail mix is an awesome snack! It is packed with a lot of protein and nutrients and easy to take on hikes and trips. But it can be very expensive, and many trail mixes found in stores have candy and chocolate in them which is certainly not needed.

I personally buy my nuts at Costco, and I recommend you find a store that sells nuts in bulk to help keep the cost down. The same goes for the dried fruit, my favorite grocery store sells dried fruit in the bulk section and offers many with no sugar added or low sugar added. A helpful tip on keeping your nuts from going bad or getting that funky smell, since you will be buying them in bulk, is to keep them in the fridge. Nuts keep in the fridge and still taste great for a very long time.

Making your own trail mix helps you eat this wonderful protein filled snack with less sugars and in addition you get to add the nuts and fruits you like, and more of them!

This is how I make mine, and feel free to alter this to what your taste buds are. I recommend that half of your dried fruits be no sugar, or low sugar added and that half the nuts be salt free. The half with the added salt and sugar makes this snack plenty sweet and salty for a tasty and satisfying snack. One last tip is to cut up your dried fruit into even smaller pieces, this is so you can add a little less of it, but still get all the sweetness in every bit!


Dried Pineapple-low sugar cut into small bits 1 cup

Dried Cranberries 1 cup

Dried Papaya cut into small bits ¾ cup

Banana Chips- low sugar broken into halves- ½ cup

Pistachios (out of the shells) 2 ½ cups

Cashews 1 cup

Walnuts- salt free 1 ¾ cup

Almonds- salt free 2 cups


In your favorite XL Off Your Rocker Pottery bowl mix all ingredients together.

Portion out your serving size to ½ cup, or less, before you begin to snack. Enjoy from one of our small handmade bowls.


I hope making your own trail mix is something you start to do and enjoy!

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Until next time, keep the sunshine in your heat and pottery on your table.

Lindsay Klix

Artist and Owner of Off Your Rocker Pottery

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