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Pass the Salt Please...Scrub That Is!

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Ok I know, I know this is not a hearty healthy recipe to eat but it is healthy for your skin. Let me tell you, making pottery can take a toll of your hands and this amazing scrub feels like a spa retreat for them. I also love to take this scrub into the shower once a week and use it on my whole body. Your skin will feel heavenly.

I keep my scrub in a small jar that I made right next to my kitchen sink. It's wonderful to use everyday, makes your hands soft and smooth with no lotion necessary. You can also play around with the essential oils you use. I chose mine based on their skin healing qualities.


1/2 cup fine grain Sea Salt

1/4 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil

2 TBL Water

15 drops of Grapefruit Oil

10 drops Cypress Oil

10 drops Melaleuca Oil

Mix all ingredients together and place in a small OYRP jar next to your sink for skin indulgence.

Apply a very small amount to damp hands and rub in thoroughly, rinse. A little goes a long way with this amazing scrub.

I have both the beautiful jars and scrub available and paired together, listed under Canisters & Jars.

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Lindsay Klix

Off Your Rocker Pottery


*I use doTerra essential oils but you can also find oils online and at health food stores. I get sea salt from Costco and my fractionated coconut oil from Amazon.

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